Monday, January 11, 2010

The Virginian

I just read Owen Wister's classic, The Virginian. I loved it. Set in the wide plains and rugged mountains of Wyoming, the novel intertwines descriptions of the landscape with stories of the characters who live in it. It is a tale of strength and courage and freedom--the essence of true America. Although the hero of the tale has no name other than "The Virginian," he is so clearly portrayed that I half believe he is of blood and breath.

The more I read American literature, the more I love it. I love its raw, gritty, earthy, almost vulgar nature. I love that the heroes are often not well-bred--yet still noble--and that the struggles are usually those of man against the land. Most of all, I love the freedom of American literature, how it takes me outside, and fills me with wonder.

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  1. Even though it's very different (I'm guessing), your description of the hero reminds me of The Outsiders.