Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthday Balloons for Christopher

As I was bouncing on the trampoline with Noelle yesterday afternoon, I thought happily of the peaceful evening at home I had ahead of me. Nowhere to go, lots of time to read Augustine's City of God, and work on my Great Books essay refuting idol worship.

Then, driving home, I remembered Chris's birthday was the next day. And that he works all night at a 24/7 gym downtown. And that balloons are really fun.

When I told my siblings my idea of surprising Chris with a bundle of balloons and a chorus of "happy birthdays" at midnight (so that it would officially be the 29th, his birthday), they were super excited with the idea. So, instead of dutifully studying, I...

Did henna with Tori and Julia.
This is Tori's tat before she took the mud off (it has to set for 12 hours).

Then I went to Publix to buy balloons. This is Caroline rocking out on the way there.

You can tell they're in the store "where shopping is a pleasure." ;)

This is Mike, the nice guy who blew up a balloon of every color for us.

And posed in a picture with us.
(Notice my stellar outfit. Yes, I had already changed into my "comfy clothes" for that quiet evening at home.)

When Macy suggested we dress up in exercise clothes, we jumped at the idea. While Tori was changing, she morphed into this beautiful creature: Eugenie, exerciser extraordinaire.

Around 11:00pm, Drew got home and put on his work-out outfit.

At 11:45, we were rolling out of the driveway--hardcore style.



Hardcore....or not.

We were definitely parked when this was taken. Yep.

Now Macy, just because your sister is really funny-looking doesn't mean you should call her a loser. Tsk tsk.

Shoulder angel and devil.
Which one's the angel and which one's the devil ?

And finally, after a car-ride filled with lots of photos, music, and one-way roads, we arrived at the Metro 24/7 Gym! Retro is more like it....

When we walked into the gym, Chris was standing behind the front desk. At first he didn't recognize who we were. Once we started saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!", though, I think he figured it out.

Happy Birthday, Christopher! I'm so glad you're part of our family. :)


  1. I am very, very sad I could not be a part of this! Its funny though, Chris doesn't look to happy in the above picture..

  2. Hilarious! You guys always have the best adventures.

    P.S. Nice shirt, BFF.

  3. Thanks for the tribute. I, too, am happy to be apart of your family.