Monday, January 11, 2010

Green Onions

Sorry for the onslaught on posts, but I simply must tell you about my latest culinary efforts. While eating at the W's recently, Mrs. told me that she was "growing" green onions in her kitchen. You simply put the white, root-like ends into a cup of water--and wait. I've been waiting for a little over a week now, and my onions have already completely regrown themselves!

My happy little onions. Don't they look lovely?
(If you're wondering what the red-fire-hydrant- looking thing is, it's my counter-top compost bin. <3)

This is the pizza that I topped with my very own green onions, which, I just realized, are also organic. [Please excuse the poor quality of these pictures; I took them on my brother's macbook.]

And this is me, smiling brilliantly because it's like I just won a life-time supply of green onions. We'll see how they taste in the chicken and dumplings I'm making tonight...


  1. Smiling brilliantly AND BEAUTIFULLY, I might add.
    I should do this, too. (Ha, I meant grow green onions, but I suppose I could tack the smiling part on there, too.)

    P.S. Loving all your posts. What a treat to find upon arriving home!

  2. Its too bad you can't do that with strawberries.

  3. You have a beautiful smile, Tali!
    And that pizza looks splendid :)

  4. I forgot to trim mine again and use them up. They got long and gangly and I ended up tossing them! I'll have to try again.

    The pizza looks delish!