Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stuffed Cabbage and Sweet Potato Perogies

I made the stuffed cabbage, after all. I also made sweet potato perogies, herb rolls, and broccoli. Since I didn't have any plans for the evening (other than spending a quiet evening cooking [for three hours]), I never bothered to change out of my work-out clothes, or do my hair, put on make-up, etc. Well, when I was all nice and hot and sweaty in the kitchen, Renata arrived. I set her and Tori to work forming the rolls (which they did beautifully) and shaping the perogies. A little while later, Chris showed up. Next David R. came over. Then Drew and Kelsi strolled in. So much for a quiet evening in the kitchen!

Everyone teased me a lot about the food, but they ate it. Honestly, it was quite good. In fact, my parents loved the stuffed cabbage. The perogies were delcious. The rolls were heavenly. And it was all very inexpensive. Dave Ramsey would be proud. ;)


  1. Oh, anything to please Dave Ramsey!
    You wouldn't believe it, but my father has found another Ramsey-esque personage who writes a book called 48 Days to the Work You Love. He's another one of those Christian counselor people who tells you what drastic measures to take for fixing your life. Oh dear......

  2. In recollection of that night, i am quite pleased that you cooked "stuffed cabbage", because too many times i find myself eating the most awful things, and my body doesn't like it that much. I usually aim to please my mouth instead of my stomach, but whenever you cook, my stomach is much obliged.