Sunday, January 10, 2010

LOST, again.

On Thursday night, Chris came over to hang out with the family. As we were sitting around chatting, somebody mentioned that the next season of the TV show Lost was out. Immediately all of us kids piled into the car and drove to Blockbuster. Now, I'd like to assert that I'm not a TV watcher. At all. But when it comes to Lost on DVD, I'm totally hooked.

The show is so intriguing it's impossible not to get irretrievably caught up in the story. My favorite part about the show is the character building. After five seasons, I feel like these characters are people I actually know. While I am watching them hunt wild boar and fight a giant smoke monster and travel through time, my heart is at my throat, my pulses pounding, my palms sweating. Because I know these people. It's like I'm right there with them. Anyway... Chris and Mollie both came over Friday night, too. We watched Lost again.

Saturday night I babysat, got cremed at Monopoly by a seventh grader, beat that seventh grader in a foot race, and sat by a crackling fire soaking in the warmth of the flames. Although it was almost 11 by the time I got home, Jessie and I decided it was high time to have a sleepover. Re-bundling, I dove headlong into the cold and went to pick her up (oh, the beauty of in-neighborhood besties!). Since it was so cold, we both burrowed under the covers in my bed, and then proceeded to stay up half the night "whispering" (in other words, laughing hysterically but trying to be quiet). After three late nights in a row, I'm pretty kapooped. But they were all worth it. :)

Back to speaking of Lost...I got lost today. (Just pretend that was a smooth transition. Just do.) After church, Macy, Tori and I loaded into Mirabelle to go to the Young Conservatives of Central Florida cook-out. Earlier this morning, I wrote down the directions to the park where the cook-out was. I forgot to bring the directions with me. But everything was going to be okay; I could remember! Well, we drove down I-4 and exited onto OBT. Things were great. Then suddenly I wasn't sure which way to go on OBT. I pulled over. Now, in case you didn't know, OBT is not exactly a choice place to be stopped on the side of the road-especially for three young girls. I made a quick phone call and got directions.

The directions were wrong. Or maybe I just misunderstood them. Whatever the case, we drove down OBT for about 15 minutes-in the wrong direction! OBT is really sketch. Getting lost on OBT is even sketcher. Eventually we realized our error, turned around, and finally arrived at the party. While most of the people played Ultimate Frisbee, my sisters, a few other girls, and I wandered down to the lake. The others continued on to a dock, but I stretched out in the grass, closing my eyes into the brilliant sunshine.

Although it is FREEZING COLD today, I was warm lying there in the sun. Of course, that might have had something to do with the fact that I was wearing: tights, knee-highs, jeans, a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, a jacket, a coat, and a scarf. Don't laugh; this weather is cold. And don't ask how I'm going to survive in Idaho next winter; I really don't know.

Well, my brother just returned from squirrel hunting in SC, and I am being bidden to come see his catch (tail and all!). Adieu.


  1. Ha! It's 12 degrees colder in Orlando than in Moscow right now! That can't be right. Those degrees need to go back where they belong. Silly degrees.

  2. Hey Vincent kind of made into your post... how cool. between that and Lost, your life is slowly being surrounded by Randazzos. next thing you know you'll say something about God on a FB post, and my dad will comment on it... then you'll randomly read something about how our economic downfall is related to japan's economic downfall ten years ago, and then stumble upon anthony's magazine cover article... and then you'll want to pick up guitar lessons and you'll come to find out Marco is the best candidate and hire him... and then my family will move up closer to you and you'll be asked to babysit Sammy and Maria.

    How crazy would that be?

    i hope you meet a randazzo in idaho.