Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three In One

Picture's are up! Finally.

This semester I am only taking one class (Great Books II) so that I will have time to work almost full-time. The Lord has been so good in providing me with several part-time nanny jobs, and lots of here and there babysitting. Each dollar I make is slipped away into the I-think-I'm-going-to-Idaho fund, as I pray about God's plan for my college career.

Anyway, this past Tuesday I had three babysitting jobs in one day. At 8:45am, I was knocking at the P's door. After playing around their house for awhile, Logan, Austin, and I walked/rode-in-the-wagon/tricycled over to my house.

Aren't they the cutest? (Despite the two year age difference between them, they're almost exactly the same size.)

When I tried to feed Austin at his house, he wouldn't eat. But check out the longing expression on his face as he gazes into my pantry! (Odd, since they have all kinds of goodies and we don't have a whole lot on the shelves [thank you, Dave Ramsey])

Logan was particularly excited about playing Wii (and so was Caroline, since it gave her a good excuse to get out of school for a while). According to Caro, Logan was really good at Wii Sports. Four-year-olds are really quite impressive.

Austin is pretty safety-conscious. He insisted on wearing his helmet in the wagon. Or maybe he just didn't trust my pulling skills....

At 1:00pm, I rapped on the N's front door and was greeted by the wild barking of Sal, Huckleberry, and Charlie, the crazy (but very cute) Shelties who live within. Soon the door opened, and sweet little baby Hunter was in my arms!

After a big lunch, he laughed and smiled for me as I bounced him on my lap (at risk of being spit up all over. Since he started eating solids, his spit-up has been multicolored. Fun.)

Looking in the mirror usually makes Hunter giggle. This time he looks a little worried. Maybe my new, I-bought-them-because-they-were-really-really-cheap sunglasses were freakin' him out a bit?

Look at that face! He is just so cute. His mommy calls me his girlfriend, and I must admit I really don't mind. Who wouldn't want to be taken by such a handsome young man?

While we were out strolling, baby fell asleep.

That, of course, didn't last for long. He woke up hungry and ready for his afternoon snack. With sweet potatoes all over his face, he looked just like Baby Messy.

Baby Messy is the doll/pillow I have slept with every night since I was born. Despite what others might think, she's actually very clean. ;)

At 6:00pm, I let myself in at the G's. Noelle immediately ushered me upstairs to do ballet and play school. Since we didn't have much time before bed-time, she wasn't wasting minutes on lengthy greetings!

I felt like I should feel like such a working woman, working from 8:45am till 10:00pm. But being with my kiddos is more fun than it is work. :)

Tori and Julia are hollering for me to come to the kitchen so they can tat me up with henna, so I must go. Adiue!


  1. Cute pictures!
    Austin looks just like Cooper in that wagon picture! I envy the time you get to spend with all those kiddos!

  2. So,so,soooo cute!!!!

  3. cute! I love babysitting too. :)