Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Days and Counting

On Tuesday I got a birthday card (with money!) from my grandparents.

On Thursday Mrs. G called to apologize for missing my birthday the day before, and to say a belated happy birthday. I told her my birthday was the next Wednesday, but that I certainly didn't mind celebrating a little early.

On Saturday I got a birthday package in the mail (containing a knitted shawl and a crocheted hat from my friend Katy).

And it's not even my birthday yet! But my birthday is in just two days. Yay for birthday months!


  1. I love how colorful that cupcake is.
    Reminds me of you - mostly metaphorically speaking. ;)

  2. Happy early birthday, Tali! You're the BEST best friend a mom could ask for her daughter to have. Oh, and I'm sorry about the change in plans. We'll do it another time, ok?