Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Here!

I'm 18!

I wish I could say I awoke this morning with a sudden burst of maturity and wisdom, but I'm afraid I feel like the same li'l ole Tali Rose. But I did deviate from my "health nut" self and had cake and ice-cream for breakfast. Yum! Mom just told me all the details of my birth. I was born after she took my big brother on a hayride. Fitting, eh?

Tomorrow morning "I'm leavin' on a jet plane" (John Denver, anyone?) for Moscow, Idaho. While there I'll be visiting New Saint Andrews College and hanging out with the Pest Control Boys. And freezing to death... It's gonna be great!

This is the University of Idaho, which is also in Moscow. I can't wait to see those leaves!


  1. Happy Birthday again! Have a wonderful trip and bring some of that cold weather back to Florida, PLEASE!

  2. Happy birthday Tali! Have a lovely day! Congratulations on turning 18!

  3. Well I think the same li'l ole Tali Rose isn't that bad. =) Happy Birthday Tali!