Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunrise on the Mountain

On Saturday morning I drove up Moscow Mountain with a group of friends to watch the sunrise.

It was really early...Mallory's a little sleepy.   

Robin, Angie, Parker, Mosey, Wilson, Ethan, Zach

Angie, me, Robin, Mallory
 As we sat watching the sun rise below us, breath spilled from our mouths like smoke.  It was icily cold on the rocks, and we huddle together, wrapped in our coats and blankets.  Finally the sun broke over the treetops, and the rays reached up to us.

Once the sun had fully risen, we went over to our "campsite" and fixed breakfast.  At least, we tried...

Here's the bacon...

...and here's the bacon on fire!  Ethan managed to rescue a few pieces.  

Mallory, Ethan, and Robin roasting sausages

After breakfast, we read a few stories by Patrick McManus, then went for a lovely walk down a trail that wound through the woods near our campsite.

Mallory embracing the nature

After our walk, we sung a few hymns and then I went off exploring by myself.  Making my way a little down the mountain, I climbed up on a simply reveled in being outdoors.  The sun had warmed the day so much that I shed my coat and jacket and rolled up my jeans.  As I was coming back from my expedition, I encountered a boulder and decided to climb it.

Sucking in a deep breath, I stuck my foot in the first foot hole and started climbing up.  Before long, I ran out of foot holes and hung there trying to decide if I want to lunge for the rock jutting out about a foot above me, or if should let the whole thing go and get down.  Since I was by myself  (but not far from the others, Mommy, I promise), I decided to go with the latter plan.

But I really wanted to climb it.  So I got Parker and Wilson to come back with me.  Wilson chose a different route up the boulder, and made it with only a little (ok...maybe a lot) of difficulty.  I decided to try my way again.  With little effort I made it back to the spot I'd stopped at before.  Once again, I couldn't get up any farther.  My Converse-clad feet kept slipping on the rock.  But I was determined to make it up.  So, leaning hard against the rock, I maneuvered in some crazy ways and stripped my socks and shoes.  I made it to the top!  Hopefully next Saturday I'll get to hike the whole mountain.  :)


  1. Thank you for pictures!
    They are the perfect complement to your story.

    I miss you.
    (Sorry I hung up so quickly on my run! :)

  2. I love Patrick McManus and often practice his "modified stationery panic" with all the dignity I can muster.