Friday, September 10, 2010


Instead of attacking my reading and papers, I'm going to tell you about them.  ;)

Rhetoric:  On Monday mornings I have Rhetoric lectures with Nate Wilson.  His teaching is phenomenal, and I am often completely blown away when I walk out of his classroom.  Somehow he takes everything from firefly wings to eavesdropping to building a mosque near Ground Zero and turns it into a brilliant lecture on classic rhetoric.  On Thursday we have Declamation, where we have to step onto a stage and apply what we're learning.

Music: This class includes written theory, aural skills, and choir.  Since I played the piano, the theory is pretty easy.  But the aural skills and singing are a huge challenge!  Dr. Erb (my professor) has been kind enough to spend about half an hour each week working with me on my singing.  As a little kid I resisted my mother's attempts to improve my singing, and I've always been mortified to let anyone hear me croak out a "tune."  It's still embarrassing, but I've finally set my mind to at least attempt to improve.  Dr. Erb told me last week that learning to sing is like learning to run faster:  it takes great will-power and hard work.  Since I spent much of the summer focusing on running faster, this analogy really hit home with me.

Latin: Although I took Latin in high school, it's all Greek to me now; my magister has an entirely different approach to learning this ancient language.  Instead of teaching us the Latin words for the English words for actual concepts, he is teaching us the Latin words for the concepts themselves.  It's definitely a challenge, but I'm really excited about it!  Before recitation this morning, I very nerdily wrote out all the cases and declensions we've learned thus far and taped them on the wall next to my bed.  Before long I'll be dreaming in Latin!

Lordship:  This is basically a theology class, in which we focus heavily on reading.  Thus far we've completed Augustine's Confessions and City of God, and have just begun Athanasius' On the Incarnation.  It's incredible to be able to learn from these great men of the faith, and to have my mind stretched and strengthened as I consider Christianity from many different aspects.

Well, speaking of all this schoolwork, I'd best get back at it.  Miss you, Florida.


  1. I wish I had a Lordship class at my school. On Wednesday we had a classroom discussion about separation of church and state; that's about as close as I'll get, I'm afraid! (Oh, and I blatantly shared my opinions on privacy and Facebook, but I'll tell you about those via letter:)

    I'm so excited about your music class. Did my vocal technique tips help? :)

    Miss you, TRW.

  2. Very witty. And i wish i could be in your choir - i believe i need some lessons myself!