Monday, November 16, 2009

A Weekend of Shows

Thank you, Kathleen, for taking me to the Joshua Radin show for my birthday! It was wonderful, and not only because of Mr. Radin. Every artist that evening was superb (well, the Watson Twins not so much...but everyone else), and I had the greatest time hanging out with Kathleenie! The line-up was as follows:

Jessica Stave, a singer/guitar player from London. Her voice was rich and melodic, and her evident excitement about performing made it very enjoyable to watch.

The Kin, brothers Thorry and Isaac Koren from Australia. They surprised me with being really, really good. Blending their voices into harmonies that were so beautiful they were haunting, they silenced a crowd of hundreds with the beauty of their music. After the show I got a chance to chat with these young men, and it was really neat to hear a little about their stories and the paths that led them to music.

The Watson Twins, sisters from Kentucky, sang next. While they performed I couldn't help thinking that they sounded like wannabe hippies who will be forever wishing they'd been around for Woodstock.

And finally, Joshua Radin. It was worth all of the anticipation. With his deep speaking voice and pure singing voice, that musician captured my ears (and heart) from beginning to end. Not only did he sing wonderfully, he played the guitar excellently and told lots of interesting anecdotes. I love to be at a show and have the feeling that this could all be happening in my livingroom, because it's just so chill and casual. As great as his performance was, it contained an underlying tone of heartbreak. "It's lonely on the road," he confessed. "And I always think that being with a girl for a night will make it better. But it only makes me lonelier." I sorrow for his brokenness and pray that God would take his pain and turn this man to the Cross. How joyful it would be if Joshua Radin used his talent for the Kingdom of God!

Saturday evening Jessie and I went to see Copeland, and once again it was a great night thanks to all of the artists. When we first walked into the theatre, Zach Williams was lying on his back on the stage, playing the guitar and crooning. After that rather odd (and somewhat unpleasant) display of talent, however, he turned out to be an incredible singer.

Next Brooke Waggoner played the piano and sang. Although Jessie had a few quabbles with her piano playing, I thoroughly enjoyed her Regina Spektor-like style.

After that Jimmy Gnecco sang/played guitar. He walked out on stage dressed in a black leather jacket, hair slicked back, and I thought, "Wow, this guy looks like a real jerk. Maybe even a murderer." Despite his frightening appearance, man could he sing! I was very impressed. But I still bet he's a jerk.
(I'm pretty sure this is a picture from Saturday night, because this is the exact outfit he was wearing. Unless he always wears the same thing...)

By the time scary Jimmy Gnecco was done, I was very ready for sweet Aaron Marsh of Copeland. Unfortunately, the poor guy had swine flu. Despite his illness, he managed to put on a pretty good show--with only a few nasal notes and coughs into the mic. Even though he sang well, he was hilariously awkward. He was all legs and arms up there on that stage and reminded me of Paulie Bleeker from Juno. Gotta love 'im.

All in all, it was a really great weekend of shows. Even if I was sick for them all.


  1. Poor Aaron.
    I listened to Eat, Sleep, Repeat today. Just an all-time favorite. Wish they'd have played more from that album.

  2. that was a great weekend!! -kathleen