Monday, September 21, 2009

Who wears short shorts?

On Sunday afternoon I went to a music ed. picnic with Jessie. When she invited me, I thought "picnic!" and imagined lots of yummy food, lots of people, and lots of lemonade. That, however, wasn't exactly how things turned out.

We arrived on campus early, so Jessie showed me around a little. Finally we set out to find the picnic. After a long walk in the sweltering sun to where we thought the picnic was, we received directions otherwise and headed back in the opposite direction. We walked. And walked. And then we walked some more. Then we kept walking.

We passed the soccer fields and razed construction sites, and finally found the pavilion where the picnic was supposed to be. No one but a plate of cookies was there, so I stripped off my socks and shoes and skipped into the pond.

(If you can't see it, the sign says: Do not feed or abuse the alligators. Ha!)

Eventually people arrived, and Jessie and I suffered through the most pathetic excuse for a picnic that I have ever experienced. On our way back to the car, I decided that we should climb one of the heaps of dirt by the construction site. (Pictured above, if you hadn't figured that out.) Much against Jessie's will, we hiked up the "mountain", and pushed our way through tangles of weeds and vines with thorns. Though Jess may not agree, I thought it was a spectacular adventure. What is life if we do not seize the extraordinary in simplicity?

The only bad part about climbing the mound of dirt was that it wasn't content to just stay on the hill. Far too much followed us home in our shoes.

To change the subject rather dramatically...I love short shorts on guys. In fact, I often ask myself why I couldn't just live in the 70s. Boys in short shorts and tall socks everywhere you look. As I was about to go to bed on Sunday evening (climbing mountains is rather tiring, you know), I found Drew and Chris goofing around in the den in short shorts. So, instead of going to bed, I joined Drew, Chris, and Macy in a late-night short shorts and tall socks photo shoot. It was pretty great.

I'm so glad Drew and Chris are home. Even though they keep me up way past my bedtime far too often, I wouldn't give up our crazy late-night shenanigans for the world.


  1. Okay, okay, our "mountain climbing" adventure was fun, I'll admit. I was just tired and (obviously) grumpy from all our walking to/being at the lame picnic! ;)

    And you guys are crazy heads! I love how you all match!

  2. I think i like being over there alot too... although i'm not convinced i'm the source of everything crazy that goes on. For example, i asked Drew for some shorts to sleep in (b/c i was there on short notice), and he said,"Here, you have to wear these!" - you know the rest.