Tuesday, September 1, 2009

College Kids (Oh, Relient K!)

As I was cruising along on I-4 in the fast lane, enjoying the cold AC in my newly fixed car, I suddenly glanced the 408 (that's where I was 'sposed to be!) sign in my peripheal vision. Sucking in my breath, I threw a glance over my shoulder and began cutting across lanes. Horns honked around me, but the Lord allowed me to make it across unscathed. My heart beat wildly, my legs felt like jello, and all I could think was, "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord!"

After accidentally not paying for the toll, and almost turning on the wrong street, I made it to the community college. Now to get to class... Thankfully I had followed Jessie's advice to find my classes prior to the start of class; I got to Fresman Composition I with no problem. In spite of the very out-of-date hot pink suit my professor was wearing, I like her tremendously, and am excited to be in this class.

Getting to the next class was a little more of a challenge. I started off in the wrong direction. Eventually I decided to ask for directions, and was pointed the opposite way. When I poked my head into my Psychology class, I found a very large classroom packed with people. Trying to be inconspicuous (but largely failing, thanks to my big backpack bumping me along), I tiptoed to a seat in the middle. I think I'm going to love this professor. His name is Ivan Applebaum (a name so great it caused me to choose the class), he is probably in his 70s, and he swears like a sailor.

Determined not to be late for another class, I rushed to Fundamentals of Speech. I thought the class started at 11:15. I got there exactly on time. It didn't start until 11:30. But I was glad to be early, because I got to meet Sarah, who spent the summer doing mission work in Kenya. Immediately we began sharing stories and reminescing about our time in Africa. Professor C overheard us, and began referring to us as "the Africans". Apparently he thought it quite funny, because he took every possible opportunity to announce that "the Africans" would know the answer to that, or "the Africans" wouldn't know how to use the computers. I hope it was all in love...

All in all, it was really a great day.

And now I am planning out my schedule and freaking out a wee bit. Time to hit the books! Goodnight.


  1. Sounds like a great and adventurous start to college :)

  2. Way to go, Tali Rose! We've come a long way from thinking the word "awful" is vulgar, haven't we?


  3. Let's listen to that CD together.
    It wasn't quite the same listening to it all by myself on the way home yesterday!

    I loved hearing all about your classes! It's really too bad about the headbands. I almost wore a headscarf today and thought of you!

    Don't forget your toll money next time!

  4. I hear if you hit your books too hard, they might hit back.