Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Think I Smell a Rat!

While driving in the car for FOUR days this summer, I read a book about pet rats to my sisters.  After that, we all wanted one.  Everybody but Mom, that is.  But Caroline was persuasive (or persistent) enough to eventually win her over, and on Labor day we went to pick out our rats. Caroline named hers Zibby.  Mine is Willanona. 

Bonding time with Willa.

Willa loves to sit on shoulders.  Sometimes she'll sit on my shoulder for over an hour, just snuggling in my hair.

People think of rats as dirty creatures, but Willa bathes constantly.  In fact, she's a little OCD about it.

Whenever I sit on my bed doing homework, Willa sits with me.  She'll crawl around and explore, or just cuddle up next to me.

We love our rats.  They are sweet and friendly, and love to be around people.


  1. Why am I not surprised that Willa likes Baby Messy?

    Ha ha! Kidding. I'll give Willa plenty more chances; I've just got to get past my mental block about rat tails!

  2. One of my friends had three rats, and I loved them! I love the way their tails curl around your fingers and arms! =)

  3. they aren't as bas as i thought... but i think i picked a bad time to refuse to touch rodents, given that your rodent of choice is a rat... a rat!

    (and their tails are still disgusting)