Sunday, August 15, 2010

Psalm Sing

This evening I stood in Friendship Square (a public area next to my school, in the middle of downtown) amongst babies and grandmothers, young men and bearded elders.  Surrounding me was the sound of music, of everyone lifting songs of praise to the Lord.  As a cool breeze brushed my curls, I felt--as if it were brought to me on the wind--the life all around me. 

Here teenage boys get excited to spend their evening singing.  Here students don't dread their homework, but delight in it.  Here a crippled man was baptized in church this morning, while grown men watched and cried.

As wonderful as this town is, I must admit that I have struggled with leaving my home and my family.  Last night I walked through the streets, barefoot, and wondered why I had come so far.  I had said goodbye to Jessie and Mommy that morning, and felt suddenly lost and alone.  A comforting word and a sympathizing hug from another freshman's mother, and tears poured from my eyes. 

But in the midst of the struggle of this transition, there is excitement and hope--and schoolwork!  Class hasn't even started yet, and I have already been assigned Latin vocabulary, over one hundred pages of reading, and the memorization of Psalm 149:  all to be completed by tomorrow morning!  With that said, I return to my studies.

I'll post pictures at some point.  <3


  1. You'll be missed terribly around the "M" house, but we're all very excited for this new adventure you're undertaking. Prayers going out for you, Tali! Enjoy the ride!
    Mrs. M.

  2. I thought you said you didn't have that much homework... =P

    Psalm Sing sounds amazing! Next time I visit, I'll make sure one of those is scheduled. Miss you lots! Wish you could take in the sights and sounds of Seattle with me!