Thursday, December 17, 2009

Catsup Cures and Tea Kettles

On Tuesday evening I babysat my M boys. Since I brought them along to Caroline's piano recital (which was WONDERFUL!), they got to bed pretty late. So you'd think they'd be konked out in moments, right? Think again. About 20 minutes after being put to bed, Adi came pounding down the stairs.
"Tali, I can't sleep," he moaned. "There was this scratchy black hair on my leg, so I had to pull it out, and now it stings, and my bed is uncomfortable, and I can't sleep, and my leg really hurts."
"Okay," I replied, "let's go into the kitchen." I sat him down in Kai's chair and opened the fridge. Pulling the ketchup out, I told him this was a really cool little trick that takes the sting right out. I squirted ketchup on his (stinging) leg, and told him to count to 60. Then I wiped the ketchup off.
"Um, it doesn't really feel much different," said Adi.
"Oh," I answered quickly, "that's because you have to be horizontal before it can work. Hurry, run back upstairs and lie flat in bed."
As he pounded up the wooden steps, I chuckled to myself. I love babysitting.

I also love tea, and now [thanks to my bestiest friend Jessie] I have a tea kettle! While sitting on the couch watching "Paris When It Sizzles" (a totally bizarre, surprisingly edgy Audrey Hepburn film), Jessie pointed out my Christmas present under the tree. Of course I wanted to open it immediately. She wouldn't let me. I badgered. She was firm. I pestered. She was strong. I begged. She refused. But by Midnight, when I carried the oh-so-curious-looking box to bed with me, she broke. I opened the present and now I have a beautiful tea kettle sitting on my stove. Thanks, Jess. Yours is comin' soon. <3


  1. Catsup cure = best advice ever!
    I'm still mad I gave in about the tea kettle. =/ But I'm glad you love it. :)

  2. Wow, that was amazingly quick thinking! I never would be that creative.