Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Andrew David

It's the big 2-0! Amazingly enough, Drew has made it through many wild adventures and is still going strong in this his twentieth birthday. Since I gave a post to Macy, I figured I'd better give one to Drew, too. ;)

I love Drew because...

He's so very handsome.

He has a princess-like quality about him.

He looks nice in incredibly short shorts.

He attracts small reptilian creatures.

He saves people's lives. Literally.
(Insert picture of Drew decked out in full Boy Scout attire. I was having computer issues, so this post is missing pictures that I would have included if I could have.)
He's sweet.

He loves his sisters.

And, of course, he's part of this great family!
These few pictures don't even begin to describe the fun, funny, fishing, reading, hiking, climbing, guitar-playing, spontaneous, wacky, smart, good-natured, beastly strong man Drew is. I'm so glad you're my brother, Drewby! Love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. I had a nice comment all typed up yesterday, but then it got erased. =/

    Happy one-day-late birthday, Drew!
    You'll pull off a mullet like nobody can.

  2. Drew i love you, and i just wanted to say: "you're the man"

    Tali... well said, or writ (i suppose). Ican't wait for your next blog.