Saturday, August 22, 2009

On Thursday morning I babysat Sophie, Logan, and Austin. After pulling them in the wagon through the humidity to my house, I decided it would be fun to make a cake with them. Mom recently gave me a cookbook filled with desserts sweetened only with fruit, so I decided to make a Cranberry Orange Cake from that book. It didn't occur to me until we were already in the midst of mixing and stirring that 1 year old and 3 year old boys don't find baking to be the most fascinating pastime. So I got out some pots and pans and let them provide some atmosphere with their soothing music. (Ha!) The kitchen was only a little crazy.

Dressed and ready in our aprons!

Sophie is quite the little chef.

If these boys ever go professional with their drumming, I'm taking all the credit. ;)

It's so nice to have an artist for a sister.

I have a sneaking suspicion Christ didn't really get that much work done.

Home again, home again!

Friday morning I baked a cake (this time from a box and with LOTS of sugar) for Noelle's birthday. Unlike the polenta pancakes, it turned out quite nicely. After a whirlwind morning of cake baking and party preparing, I went with Mrs. G to help out with Noelle's little party at school. When I walked into the big kindergarten classroom, tears unexpectedly welled in my eyes. It was adorably decorated and spacious and filled with nice toys. I saw Kenya in my mind, and the little classrooms with dirt floors and tiny windows and no toys. I thought of the crowded benches and cracks in the walls, and suddenly I was crying.

American children soon came spilling into the room, and my tears disappeared in passing out birthday goodies and helping kids put straws in juice boxes and wiping up spills. The surroundings were different, but these were children just the same as in Africa. How could I not love them? After the class party, I went back to the G's and frosted my cake. Once my masterpiece was completed, I played dress up with Noelle and her friend Stefanie, and waited for Mrs. G to announce that it was time for the party. Finally she called us downstairs, and the party began! I'm such a kid at heart. Babysitting is so much fun.

I've heard bushy eyebrows are in style right now. I thought I'd see how they looked on me.

This summer the A/C in my car started blowing hot air. Not the nicest thing. So when I left Noelle's to meet Jessie and her family for dinner I rolled down the windows despite the rain. Since I was getting wet anyway, I figured I might as well really experience the rain. I pulled my promise ring off and held it in my right hand so it wouldn't fall off and get lost on the road. And then I forgot all about it.

At dinner I realized my ring was gone. All evening I kept reaching to spin it on my finger (bad habit I have), but it wasn't there! After dinner we went to Gap for Jessie to buy jeans, and though I knew I wouldn't buy anything, I tried on a pair just for fun. For the first time in my life, I fell head over heels in love with a pair of jeans. So here's a plug for Gap: I would spend oodles of money to own a pair of their superb 1969 skinnies. In fact, I'm going back today to get another pair while they're still on sale. Finally jeans that are comfortable!

When we got home, I jumped out of Mrs. M's car to search for my ring. "There's something shiny in the street," she called after me. "Is that your ring?" It was! Thank the Lord.


  1. You girls and your rings! "Have you no consideration for my poor nerves?" - Mrs. Bennett

    So glad everything worked out. Thank you for the timely reminder of how unneccesary material goods can be!

  2. Let's not speak of losing/destroying rings! Who knows what could happen to mine while it's out of my possession! Then again, maybe it's safer that way. =/