Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yellow Ocean

I was born with the ocean
tossing spit balls over the rocky California beaches
into my windows.
I was just a baby
when Mom and Daddy loaded everything in the car and we drove
over mountains and through wheat fields
and past the sunflowers dancing along Kansas highways.
I was crying
when the air got heavy and the wind drooped with salt and
Mom and Daddy parked the car in Florida.
I was a stranger there.
Palm trees and swamps and millions of people crowded me in for eighteen years.
But I was a stranger there.
I was all grown up
when Mom and Daddy loaded me onto an airplane
and I flew over mountains and past the Kansas sunflowers.
I was laughing
when the air turned fresh
and the wind teased the mountains
and the hills that rocked like a thousand marching camel humps.
Yellow wheat rolled and swayed like ocean waves:
I was in a new sea.
I was home.


  1. Beautifully captures my heart for my home! I know your "home" has stopped short of CA, but this is exactly how I feel. Thank you for posting!

  2. Hmmm. Not sure I can like this...even if it is beautiful.