Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Florida in the Summertime

This is a trochaic poem (at least, I hope it's trochaic...) I wrote for Rhetoric class.  As much as I love all this snow, a warm, Florida thunderstorm would be pretty nice, too.  

Black across the sky appear
Clouds as dark as growing fear
Crashing thunder, lightning bright
Shapes revealed in shining light

Pounding rain is harsh and yet
Children dance with rivulet
I am driven out to play
Hands and fingers meet halfway

Sticks and stones in water race
In the gutter they embrace
Splashes, screams and shouts we make
In the road we find a snake

Actually, it is a worm
Poke—and watch it twist and squirm
Covered in a gooey slime
Florida in the summertime

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