Friday, June 4, 2010

Santa...or Grace?

The pale green undersides of the oak leaves twisted in the wind as the black clouds unfurled. Rain drops smacked against the windows of my car; Ella began to fuss in the back. As I chattered on to distract the girls from the storm, we somehow landed on the topic of Santa Claus.

"If we're good," one of the girls stated, "then Santa will bring us presents. But if we're bad, we don't get anything."

For whatever reason, hearing that Santa Claus philosophy from a little girl broke my heart. It's what we all believe, isn't it? Even as Christians preaching grace, how often we run back to the "Santa Claus" God, thinking--if I'm good, God will love me more; if I'm bad, he'll turn from me.

But that is not the Gospel! While we were yet sinners, Christ loved us. It's such amazing news because we don't have to do anything. That's the gritty beauty of it: while we were drenched in the blood of our damnation, Jesus Christ shed his pure blood--for us. Mysteriously, breathtakingly, that outpouring cleansed his chosen people, and because of that grace, we are made alive, free, without condemnation.

So why do we chase after Santa Claus? Why do I try to earn salvation, when the only way it can be mine is by Christ earning it for me? Father, breathe your grace over me. Let it fill the holes in my life, and shine out of me pieces of your love.


  1. I love this so much, Tali. Mind if I use it for my Guest Star post?

  2. Beautiful, Kindred Spirit! Refreshment for my soul.

    (I smiled at how you so legitimately snuck in one of your favorite words! ;)

  3. Thanks for posting this, Tali.
    Oh gosh... Where would we be without His grace!!! :)

  4. Very nice. Very thought-provoking.

  5. oh my goodness i always knew there was something completely fundamentally wrong with that santa claus thing... i just never really put my finger on it!