Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Week In the Life

(March 29th through April 5th)


Since I was on spring break from Great Books II, and Kathleen was on spring break from real school, she and I got to hang out, shop, cook, and make apple pie (which was delicious despite the burnt topping and Kathleen's burnt hand :). Then we led these wonderful girls in Bible study.


As usual, I picked the C girls up from school, and brought them back to their house.

Soon as we get home each day, Anna Kate pulls on this leotard and slips into ballet shoes. That girl has got per-son-al-i-tee!

This Tuesday we loaded back into the car and drove to my house after lunch and a very unsuccessful "nap." Why am I always so much sleepier than they are?

Ella Grace and Anna absolutely love our box of Polly Pockets.

Ella Grace also loves to ride on the "tree swing."

Surprisingly enough, both girls think playing with Willa and Zibby is just about the best thing since Barbies.

The ratties don't mind the attention. ;)

While they were entertained by the rodents (they like the mouse and gerbils, too), I prepared dough for soft pretzels. When it was ready, Tori help us roll it out and shape it into "pretzels". We might need to work on form...

Before we'd been working long, Stefanie showed up and joined the party.

Later, when we'd cleaned up the baking and started making birthday cards for Ella and Anna's Grammie, Christopher showed up. He made some sort of sports picture. It was great. Good job, Chris; I'm so proud to have your picture on the bulletin board. =P


Hunter! When I got to his house early that morning, he reached his arms out for me. First time he's ever done that. I was quite flattered. :)

How can you not smile perpetually when hanging out with such a cutie?

As soon as Aimee (Hunter's mommy) got home, I left to pick Noelle up from school. We ran a few errands, picked out this lovely orchid, and went to visit Mrs. Knight at Westminster Towers. She was delighted to see us, and thrilled about the orchids (her favorite flower). Although she's deteriorated since I first began spending time with her, she's as feisty as ever!


Normally I watch the Cs on Thursdays, but they had relatives in town so I had the day off.


Baby Hunt again. I think about him and start giggling. Just look at those cheeks!

BAhaha. His expression is classic.

After picking Noelle up from school, I went grocery shopping for Mrs. G. The dinner menu was up to me, so I decided to make fajitas. This is the raw chicken....ew.

Add raw veggies and voila....yum! (Of course, it still needed cooking and seasoning)

While dinner was cooking, I put together an Easter basket for Noelle's grandpa. She "helped." ;)

Recently Mrs. G gave Noelle face paint, and we have spent many a pleasant hour decorating her face. She did this cat face almost all by herself!


That evening I went to a benefit concert at Circle, then rode with Jess and Mrs. M to pick up Tyler. So glad he's home (if only for a while)!!


I cleaned house and helped get ready for Easter dinner. In the evening I babysat Jonathan and Anna M.



Dieudonne and Maria joined us for a feast.

Along with Chris and Ai.

Aren't my parents cute?

Later that evening, David and Shane came over to hang out. After discussing what we should do, we eventually decided (and convinced my parents) that a beach trip was definitely in order. Of course Haylee came along, too--it's pretty much impossible to have a crazy, spontaneous beach night without Haylee! We parked at her aunt's house, David dropped his phone in the water, we climbed out not-very-far on the jetty, and were back by 1:00am (promise, Daddy!). I'm so glad my friends are always prepared to be "wild and wacky." ;)


Being the studious student I am, I went to class Monday morning amongst the protestations of my beach-headed sisters and mom. While sitting in class, however, I couldn't get the feel of a long, windy drive and a run on the beach out of my mind. So I sun-blocked up and headed for New Smyrna soon as class let out.

I love how Tori and Jocelyn's shadows are holding hands.

Despite the sand and heat and things I don't like about the beach, it was a really great afternoon. But I didn't escape without a sunburn. In fact, I just discovered that said burn is now blistered. Oh dear.

So there you have it, a week in the life of Tali. Exciting, eh?


  1. Lovely Tali!
    I have got to say that the raw chicken picture is rather disturbing. And i seriously thought chris was marco in that picture.

  2. I love this.
    Especially the pictures with Hunter. :)

    You're purdy.
    Loved hanging out with you tonight.

  3. hmmm... that sort of confusion shouldn't happen for a while.